Movyans Skolyow Meythrin

 Welcome to Movyans-Skolyow-Meythrin website 

Working to provide bilingual Cornish/English language educational opportunities for children of nursery school age in Cornwall

 7 good reasons for children to learn Cornish

  • Learning Cornish helps to understand the place where they live
  • Learning another language helps to improve learning ability in general and literacy in particular
  • Learning one language helps with learning others
  • parents and children can learn together
  • Learning Cornish helps understanding diversity
  • It's part of their heritage!
  • It's fun!!!

         Source: Cornish Language Partnership Maga

Children with their teacher, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, during story time.

 MSM: our aim, role and status

  • MSM aims to provide bilingual Cornish/English language educational opportunities for children of nursery school age (between the ages of 2 and 5 years). This is achieved through our MSM pre-school network.
  • MSM is a parent led initiative with strong links to the Cornish language community and educational and language specialists. Part of our role is to provide advice to parents and carers who are thinking of bringing their children up bilingually
  •  MSM is a Community Interest Company (CIC. 6874802), limited by guarantee and a not for profit organisation that was set up to provide a community benefit.

        Site still currently under construction, please send an email to for more information. 

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