Movyans Skolyow Meythrin


What is our approach to childcare?

A relaxed and friendly atmosphere

  • MSM preschools give children the opportunity to learn bilingually through the two languages of Cornish and English.


  • They provide a safe and secure environment for your child to learn and have fun in, where individuality and self confidence are encouraged, within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

 Olwen (3) drawing a picture with the encouragement of her teacher, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot

 Immersion technique and holistic approach

  • Rather than teaching your child a second language at specific intervals, MSM preschools follow an immersion technique that allows children to experience learning the language through their daily activities


  • This immersion technique is carefully integrated to the official curriculum, and we do so following a more holistic and natural approach.


  • Even though all activities are carefully planned and structured, there is an emphasis in each setting on play. The children use Cornish in their daily routines and learn the language through songs and rhymes.


 A great foundation

  • The preschool programme adopted at MSM preschools provides children who have no experience of learning an additional language a great foundation in Cornish.


  • The preschool programme also aims to give those who have some experience of the language an opportunity to continue to develop their skills.


  • Research and experience have proven that introducing a second language into the preschool environment helps children to develop their linguistic skills and promotes a positive attitude towards other cultures, and that is exactly what we aim to do at MSM.


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